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Liver diseases pose major burden to the healthcare service of Bangladesh. It has been estimated that patient suffering from different diseases of the liver account for 8-12% admissions in the Medicine Departments of the tertiary medical college hospitals of the country. With hepatocellular carcinoma being the third commonest cancer in the country next only to malignancies of lungs and stomach, liver diseases remain the third commonest cause of death in our tertiary hospitals with an estimated 20 thousand deaths per year. Although Hepatology started it's journey as an independent super specialty in Bangladesh in  the early 1990s, liver diseases have never received it's due priority.


Things began to change after the democratically elected government under Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took office with expansion of the discipline in the public domain. However it is needless to say that we have to go a long way before we can sustain the menace of liver diseases in Bangladesh.


In this background, Forum for The Study of The Liver- a philanthropic, non-profit, voluntary organization has been established to facilitate efforts of the government as well as the private sectors to counter and sustain liver diseases, specially those related to hepatitis B and C viruses, in Bangladesh.  The organization comprises of a group of enthusiastic Hepatologists, social workers and most importantly patients suffering from hepatitis B and C related liver diseases dedicated to their cause.


Forum for The Study of The Liver aims at  reaching the common people and increase their level of knowledge and awareness in liver disease related problems, with the purpose of reducing the burden of liver disorders in Bangladesh. We at Forum for The Study of The Liver are working relentlessly to ensure proper access to medical care for wider population.We aim to enhance the quality of life and try to reduce the burden of liver disease in Bangladesh through prevention, education, advocacy, improved care and promotion of concepts in public health related to liver diseases. We pledge to surge ahead remaining in our cultural inheritance with the philosophy of welfare, keeping in focus the priorities of our beloved Bangladesh. Liver, its diseases, care & treatment, above all liver transplantation, has always remained out of the reach of the common people.


Forum for The Study of The Liver´s primary focus is to take benefits of the recent advancements of medical sciences to the socio-economically backward section of our society.


Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Fazle Akbar
Consultant Hepatologist
& Secretary General
Forum for the Study of the Liver

Mrs. Shyamoli Nasreen Chowdhury
Ekushey Padak Recipient
Honorary Chairman
Forum for the Study of the Liver